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What to do in a case like this? Basic Disaster Prevention Knowledge

Always by your side! Disaster Prevention Library

Disaster Prevention in daily life

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      Itoshima City Hazard Map


      Disaster Prevention Libraries

      動画National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention
      Dr. Nadaranger's Disaster Prevention Science Class

      National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention

      Aiming to realize a disaster-resilient society, this site introduces research and development on mitigation of damage caused by earthquakes, volcanoes, weather, sediment, and snow/ice disasters. There is also a wealth of content on disaster prevention through science.

      シミュレーションTokyo Metropolitan Government
      Find out which stockpiling is right for you!

      Tokyo Stockpile Navi

      This site introduces the basics of stockpiling and the items you should have in stock for those who are not familiar with the term "stockpiling for disasters" or who are interested in stockpiling but do not know what to stockpile and how much to stockpile.

      動画Japan Meteorological Agency
      Disaster prevention awareness video "Protect yourself from sudden heavy rain, thunder, and tornadoes!”

      Disaster Prevention Awareness Video "Protect yourself from Sudden Heavy Rain, Lightning, and Tornadoes!

      A page of educational materials for taking the initiative to protect yourself from phenomena such as "sudden heavy rain," "thunderstorms," and "tornadoes" caused by developing cumulonimbus clouds.

      動画Japan Meteorological Agency
      How to escape from heavy rain

      E-learning Website

      E-learning website to learn basic knowledge and actions to take to "protect your own life from typhoons and torrential rains" with videos and worksheets.

      シミュレーションCabinet Office
      Simulation of experiencing seismic intensity of level 6

      Cabinet Office Disaster Prevention Information page

      You can visually experience earthquakes and tremors in the form of simulations, such as the simulation of a seismic intensity of level 6 or upper. You can learn what to expect during an earthquake.

      動画Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
      Risk Simulation Animation: My Timeline Theater (video)

      Disaster Prevention Education Portal

      Provide a variety of materials for disaster preparedness education. In addition to videos, card games, teaching materials, and case studies are also available.

      クイズFire and Disaster Management Agency
      Learn disaster prevention through quizzes! (Typhoon version, Earthquake version)

      Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management e-College

      A collection of interactive content where children can learn about disaster preparedness through quiz formats. It covers not only typhoons and earthquakes but also tsunamis and fires, making the learning experience engaging and captivating.